Treasure the whiteness.

Keeper of your precious teeth.


This is Tae-doo Jeon,

the director of Dental Clinic SOJOONG
in Cheongdam.

“Keeper of your precious teeth”
 is the treatment philosophy of Dental Clinic SOJOONG.

Dental Clinic SOJOONG recommends only necessary treatment.

We provide only essential treatment and follows the principle of minimal invasion.

For this purpose, we used microscopes for treatment.

Treatment to keep and use my own teeth healthy for as long as possible.

That’s treatment of Dental Clinic SOJOONG, the “Keeper of your precious teeth”

Medical Staffs

 We promise the best treatment outcomes through cooperation with medical staffs from Seoul National University.

전 태 두 원장

Jeon Taedoo director
Save natural teeth, Implants, Aesthetic prosthesis

The aim of dental treatment is to maintain the health of natural teeth for a long time. If the condition of natural teeth does not get better even after treating as best as possible, it’s not too late to extract teeth and choose implants at that time.

전 휘 원장

Jeon Hwi orthodontist
Orthodontist, Adult orthodontist, Pediatric ortho.

We strive for the best treatment outcomes and orthodontic treatment that patients want. We help our patients make treatment plans and choose devices most appropriate for their condition. If you want inconspicuous orthodontic treatment, please contact us.

Equipment guide

 Dental Clinic SOJOONG's efforts for healthy teeth and beautiful smiles continue.

치과용 미세 현미경

There is more than meets the eye

For treatment, we use dental microscopes to diagnose and treat even the areas invisible to the naked eye more precisely. Microscopes are used for almost all dental treatments, including cavity examination, endodontic treatment, apical surgery, resin treatment, and prosthetic treatment. 

치과용 레이저 (Lokki YAP LASER)

Cutting edge, Pain-free

This is a cutting edge dental LASER specialized in root canal and periodontal treatment. The Laser makes it possible to disinfect the root tip, which is hard to reach with instrument or drugs. It saves natural tooth, which were not treatable and had to be extracted in the past, as much as possible.


Find even the hidden calculus and remove it

Through the tactile recognition function, PerioScan can accurately find calculus we couldn’t see. It removes even the calculus hidden in the gums as painlessly as possible. Saving natural teeth starts with removing calculus to restore the gums.

Trinity 치아미백기

Trinity teeth whitening device
Whitely, more brightly

It is a state-of-the-art teeth whitening system that completes teeth whitening in 1 hour using a 3-wavelength lamp with each effect and a safe high-concentration gel. Since its intensity can be adjusted, the teeth do not become sensitive even during the professional whitening process.

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