SOJOONG Natural  Implant

 Dental clinics which are good at treating natural teeth 

are also good at implants.

Implants that resemble natural teeth.

This is not a treatment to simply fill the empty space where the tooth was removed.

How can I get dental implants that resemble my original teeth?

Do you have many worries about implants?

We’d like to introduce the implants that resemble your original teeth.

We minimize the patient’s discomfort during the period of surgical procedure
and before completing the final prosthesis.
  • Painless dental anesthesia procedure
  • Pre-simulation of surgery with CT diagnosis → reducing surgery time
  • Temporary teeth made with 3D printer
  • Using ISQ, measure the degree to which the implant binds to the bone,
    and then determine the timing of prosthesis.

Medical Staffs

We promise the best treatment outcomes through cooperation with medical staffs from Seoul National University.

전 태 두 원장

Jeon Taedoo director
Save natural teeth, Implants, Aesthetic prosthesis

The aim of dental treatment is to maintain the health of natural teeth for a long time. If the condition of natural teeth does not get better even after treating as best as possible, it’s not too late to extract teeth and choose implants at that time.

전 휘 원장

Jeon Hwi orthodontist
Orthodontist, Adult orthodontist, Pediatric ortho.

We strive for the best treatment outcomes and orthodontic treatment that patients want. We help our patients make treatment plans and choose devices most appropriate for their condition. If you want inconspicuous orthodontic treatment, please contact us.


It has already been more than 20 years since implants became popular. 

However, we have to still think of the followings: Which shape of fixture screw is better?

What is the proper abutment angle?

Which is more appropriate between external hexa and internal one?

How about HA coating, SLA and UV surface treatment?

Implants are still developing.

But, finally, the best implant will be one that is natural and comfortable 

as if it was originally my teeth.

Implants most similar to my teeth

Dental Clinic SOJOONG will help you. 

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