Orthodontic treatment,
can’t I do it inconspicuously?

Because of the interview, because of the job, because I don’t want to advertise it...

Many people hesitate to straighten their teeth because of orthodontic appliance.

Inconspicuous orthodontic treatment,

Dental Clinic SOJOONG will help you.

  • Graduated from School of Dentistry, Seoul National University, trained in the Department of Orthodontics at Seoul National University Dental Hospital

  • Orthodontist certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare with more than 10 years of clinical experience

  • Invisalign, Damon, Clippy-C, Clarity, Lingual orthodontics, Combi orthodontics.

  • We will find the orthodontic method that works best for you.


Are you hesitating to straighten your teeth with worries that

the orthodontic appliance will be noticed?

I want to have orthodontic treatment,

but what if this works negatively during the interview?

What if the braces interfere with my studies?

My job is dealing with customers, is it okay to have orthodontic appliance?

I just started YouTube, wouldn't the braces appears ugly on the screen?

Those who need to put themselves out on the job front,
those who need to concentrate on their studies, 
those who need to achieve output a salesperson, YouTube creators... 

Everyone who wants orthodontic treatment has a different situation.

If you are hesitating about strengthening your teeth because of worries that important moments will be interrupted by orthodontic treatment,

imagine a different look and a bright smile that others will envy you after orthodontic treatment.

Leave all your worries about orthodontic treatment to Dental Clinic SOJOONG 

and focus only on the important moment.

The professional team of Dental Clinic SOJOONG Orthodontic Center will help you.


There are several ways to straighten the teeth inconspicuously.

We will find the best way that fit your situation. 

Job applicant Mr. Lee

I couldn't smile broadly because my crooked teeth are a complex. I wanted to have orthodontic treatment for my tooth complex, but I kept putting it off because I might have to suddenly have an interview. Normally it doesn't matter at all. It only needs to be inconspicuous on the day of the interview. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Dental Clinic SOJOONG’s Proposal
 Self-ligating ceramic instrument Clarity

This device is less noticeable than you thought. On the day of interview, you can remove the wire to make it more inconspicuous. It is possible at any time to remove only the wire without removing the instrument, and this does not affect the orthodontic treatment process at all.

Opera singer Ms. Kim

I couldn't smile broadly because my crooked teeth are always a complex. I knew that my pronunciation was getting slightly inaccurate. I wanted to have orthodontic treatment, but I kept hesitating because I mainly work abroad. Can I have orthodontic treatment more effectively during the break period?

Dental Clinic SOJOONG’s Proposal
Clarity + Invisalign

During the first 3 months of break, quickly aligned the teeth with the Clarity device. Through the camera test, it was decided to maintain the device for the lower part and proceed with the Invisalign for the upper part during this period. Using the break, the Clarity device was used again to make a sophisticated arrangement and then finished.

Actor Mr. Jo

I have already had one orthodontic treatment, so my teeth are evenly arranged on the whole, but I always felt somewhat stuffy because the upper teeth covered the lower teeth too much. Since I have to keep working, the orthodontic appliance should never be shown, is it possible with clear aligners? Is there any way to do?

Dental Clinic SOJOONG’s Proposal
Lingual orthodontic tx.

The condition of your teeth can never be resolved with clear aligners. If there is a close-up scene, ceramic devices can also be noticed. So both the upper and lower parts were treated with lingual orthodontic appliance. In the case of lower part, we was worried that the device might affect the pronunciation. However, since the patient adapted quickly as an actor, the orthodontic treatment was completed without any hindrance to the activities.

If we only choose orthodontic appliances, we are not real orthodontists.
We promise you the best outcomes by applying various treatment methods
according to your situation. 

Medical Staffs

We promise the best treatment outcomes through cooperation with medical staffs from Seoul National University.

전 휘 원장

Jeon Hwi orthodontist
Orthodontist, Adult orthodontist, Pediatric ortho.

We strive for the best treatment outcomes and orthodontic treatment that patients want. We help our patients make treatment plans and choose devices most appropriate for their condition. If you want inconspicuous orthodontic treatment, please contact us.

전 태 두 원장

Jeon Taedoo director
Save natural teeth, Implants, Aesthetic prosthesis

The aim of dental treatment is to maintain the health of natural teeth for a long time. If the condition of natural teeth does not get better even after treating as best as possible, it’s not too late to extract teeth and choose implants at that time.

많은 분들이 소중치과에서

티안나게 교정 중입니다.


 A lot of people are inconspicuously undergoing orthodontic treatment



 Orthodontics treatment requires as little as 3 months and as long as 2 years or more.

If you can live with aligned and healthy teeth for the rest of your life, 

the time it takes to straighten the teeth will never be a waste.

But, are you hesitating to do orthodontic treatment 

because of worries about showing the orthodontic appliance during the treatment?

You just want to have orthodontic treatment inconspicuously, but are you getting more confused by unfamiliar terminology and difficult device names?

Leave your worries about difficult terms and choices to Dental Clinic SOJOONG,

and concentrate on the important time right in front of you.

Inconspicuous orthodontic treatment,

Dental Clinic SOJOONG will help you.

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